Pink Power Tools – Buying for Breast Cancer Research

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and even if you’re not a “girly” girl, you probably do what you can to support breast cancer research. Let’s face it, if you’re female, you have a couple of “girls” of your own to protect! So what does this have to do with power tools?

Power tools come in pink! At least there are a few, and some manufacturers are donating a portion of their profits to breast cancer research. An internet search turned up a decent 18 volt power drill in pink, and 10% of each purchase is donated. Tomboy Tools is donating a portion of each toolkit sold this month to Avon’s Walk for the Cure. A company called Pink Tool Belts increases its donation from 10% to 25% on its Pink Ribbon Tool Belt every October.

Women who are serious about their power tools can be very vocal in the internet forums regarding the marketing of pink tools. Some are downright insulted; they think they’re demeaning to women, and wouldn’t be seen in public with a pink drill. Others don’t believe pink tools could have the quality of their heavier, less brightly colored counterparts. Still, there are many women who are huge fans of these feminine versions of handyman hardware. They enjoy having a tool that acknowledges that they are women, and appreciate buying a tool belt that fits better and has a bright cheery color, or a lighter tool with a smaller grip.

There are other advantages to owning pink tools. If you share a workspace with men, I doubt that your treasured pink hammer would accidentally disappear into a man’s toolbox! (Something to keep in mind if your husband is constantly borrowing your cordless drill.) It’s really too bad that more tools aren’t available in pink.

Let’s applaud the efforts of pink friendly companies to support breast cancer awareness, as well as their efforts to encourage women and girls to learn new skills. Every woman, even you girly-girls, should learn how to tackle her own “honey-do” list. There are few things more empowering than doing it yourself, no matter what color power tool you choose!