New Results in Cancer Research on Green Tea

Cancer as we know has been the most dreaded disease in the world. Statistics state that nearly 13% of the deaths occur worldwide because of cancer. The metastasis i.e. spread of mutated cells to other parts of the body occurs because of various reasons. They can b categorized as:

Physical: exposure to direct ultraviolet & other ionizing rays

Chemical: various impurities in water like arsenic & toxins like asbestos etc

Biological: certain bacterial & viral infection-mostly Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) can cause cancer

So where does drinking tea come in & why is it said to prevent risk from cancer?

Cancer research has been around for a long time as scientists try out their luck in finding a cure. And over the years green tea has become the top naturally available source which could hold a key to preventing if not curing cancer.

Green tea was first discovered in China from where its usage spread to other parts of Asia & then America. It was a preferred beverage because of its exotic taste & smell. Its medicinal properties came to light soon after & since then it has been attributed to being responsible in reducing weight, delaying ageing, decreasing risks of cancer & diabetes-type 2 etc. Research on cancer has found that the antioxidant property of green tea is perhaps the major deterrent to cancer.

Chinese green tea has been subjected to numerous researchs & studies, clinical trials carried out in vitro as well as on a group of people & have been found to be the most favourable in delaying and sometimes preventing cancer. The study found that the substance ECG-epigallocatechin gallate is a very strong antioxidant, which means its primarily responsible for flushing out toxins like arsenic & asbestos from the system.

Let’s take into consideration a Chinese research carried out by Mr.Zheng & his team. They used data from an older research carried out on 69,000 women. Although some 1200 of them did develop cancer, it was found that those who drank green tea on a regular basis had somewhat lower risks of getting the disease. Not only that, the women were also found running a 27% lower risk of getting digestive system cancer & 29% lower risk of colorectal cancer.

And when it comes to women, they run a high risk of breast cancer-which is the leading cause of deaths caused by cancer. In case of menopausal women such risk is greater. Breast cancer is caused when the female hormone oestrogen’s level increases after menopause. But when research was carried out on green tea drinkers, it was found that the oestrogen levels in their urine samples were quite less comparatively.

Green tea being a natural antioxidant & immunity enhancer is a great alternative to unhealthy fizzy drinks. Try this natural drink today & develop a taste for tea to stay healthy & live a long life!