Information About Breast Cancer Research

According to a number of medical professionals, their studies seem to indicate that breast cancer is the most prominent form of cancer in women in today’s world, proving to be second only to non-melanoma skin cancers. It is also the second leading form of cancer responsible for the number of cancer caused deaths in women.

Medical professionals have reported that their studies have shown that 1.3 million women are diagnosed on the average with breast cancer each year and on the average, one third of these women die from this affliction.

These medical professionals feel that their research has shown that while diet and proper exercise cannot prevent breast cancer in all cases, it does seem to lower the odds, which makes these methods both good offensive weapon against the onset of cancer and therefore ones well worth applying.

Medical studies also seem to show that there is a correlation between race and breast cancer. That is, a significant amount of black women seem more apt to get cancer than Caucasian women. This is being studied to determine the reason for this significant difference. Is it something to do with the amount of melanin in the body or is it something to do with the diet consumed? Is there a poverty level to which one group is subjected on the average more than another?

Another significant aspect of breast cancer which medical professionals feel that they have discovered is a genetic one. This cancer has been shown to run in families. If a person’s mother, grandmother or sibling was stricken with this cancer, then the odds are significantly higher that that person themselves may be stricken with it. A group calling themselves “Adoption Angels” see this as a very important reason for people separated from their biological family by adoption should have medical information even if they have nothing else that relates to their biological relatives.

Many people who are survivors of breast cancer along with their family members and friends, fight through fund raisers to raise money to help pay for this cancer research.

Many medical professionals feel that we have come a long way in the fight against breast cancer, but we haven’t come far enough. They are constantly researching, studying and seeking for answers. They search and they are joined by others as time passes, these others also searching. May we soon reach the end of the road, the place where research will no longer be necessary.