Estrone and Its Links to Cancer

Although the term estrogen is commonly used, there is no single chemical compound using the name estrogen. As female major hormones, estrogen is actually consisted of three chemical substances, Estriol, Estradiol, and Estrone. Estrone is the least abundant compound found in female body. The substance is closely related to health and disease risk because it can be converted to estrone sulfate, an indicator and catalyst for certain type of cancer.

The World Cancer Research Fund has recently found the link of obesity, especially in women, to six types of cancer. Higher BMI women concluded to have higher risk on developing uterus, breast, and colon cancer and it is closely related to estrone level in females’ body. The risk get higher as obese women have disrupted metabolism. Fat deposits in liver reduce its capability in removing excessive reproductive hormones and in long term, it will increase toxin level. Increased toxin level produce unbalanced metabolism and mostly it will only affect mood and stress level.

However, excessiveness of estrone sulfate in female bodies has proven to be harmful to women reproductive organs and tissues such as uterus line and breasts as opposed to its counterparts, estradiol, which provide protective effect on women. Liver inability to recycle hormones boost cancer risk because there will be much estrone sulfate, giving harmful effect on female specific organ. The risk will get higher in women in their post-menopause stage, as estrone is the only estrogen presents. After knowing the fact you should know that obesity will not bring any good to your body so start a healthy life now. It never too late, start now, start smart!