Cancer Research – Forward Or Backward?

“Fight cancer”, “Beat cancer” are very popular expressions these days, and it is good so. Although October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over, one can still see many people wearing pink ribbons on their jackets, which is a demonstration of their will to help those women who suffer from this disease. And this is very much appreciated and should be acknowledged. Fundraising and information events, websites, donations, merchandise, advertisements all over the media, groups on social networking sites, individuals spreading the word – attention is certainly given to the subject and considerable amount of money is collected.

However, looking a little bit closer, as a cancer survivor myself who studied the subject from the most various resources available for public, I personally have some questions, doubts and reservations about these research programs and might be a bad person, but I did not donate one single cent and not intend to do so. Tell you why.

Fight. A key word when talking about cancer.

How do you best fight so that you win? You know your enemy.

A problem – any problem – can be only handled if one knows the exact cause of it. This should be clear – how else do you solve a situation, if you don’t know what is it exactly?

Let’s take breast cancer, it looks like this: each year $ millions are spent to find out the causes of cancer AND more importantly, develop new treatments. Let me suggest: treatments can be only effective when they target the root of the problem… “The exact causes of breast cancer are not known.” In fact, according to the publicly available statements, causes of cancer are a mystery for the medical profession.

The theory of changed or damaged genes is wide spread, and an information video on the Medical News Today site gives a little hint on why does it occur: “Damage or change in the genetic material of cells by environmental of internal factors sometimes results in cells that do not die and continue to multiply until a massive cancer cell or tumor develops.”

Excellent. The next step would be then to investigate these environmental or internal factors that damage or change the genetic material of cells, wouldn’t it?

The environmental factors are pretty much known for the scientists and for the public: bad nutrition, tobacco, certain chemicals that we use, etc. Cancer research should go then in the direction of eliminating these factors: educating the population on correct eating habits, cutting back the use of harmful chemicals, and so on. And cancer treatment would primarily consist of targeting the cause of cancer, the reason why those genes got changed or damaged: increasing certain vitamins and other nutrition supplements, cleansing and physical exercise that helps the body push out the accumulated toxins, boosting the own self defense of the body, the immune system and so on.

But this is not how it goes. Cancer researches deal mostly with developing the standard therapies by official medicine: new drugs, radiation, hormones and surgery. And cancer treatments available in hospitals are mainly about giving chemotherapy and such to the patients. Can anyone see how adding extra chemicals into the already overwhelmed and weakened system would help the body to recover? Because it will not.

So why then chemotherapy is a preferred and highly promoted method, when it has very many known harmful side effects? The answer is easy: pharmaceutical companies have vast interests in introducing and marketing drugs. As Clinical Study openly admits: “Clinical studies designed for approval of a new drug are sponsored primarily by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.” Surprise, surprise! One can predict the outcome of a clinical study on breast cancer treatment, if one-fifth of the Swedish Cancer Society researches are financed by Pfizer – can you guess from what pharma company will they recommend medicine to the patients? (Latest news: Pfizer Hid Evidence That HRT Causes Cancer)

Another suggested treatment is hormonal therapy. About that, only one word: “Hormonal therapy can cause a variety of side effects including:… Increased risk for cancer of the uterus” – from the information video on the National Breast site. Pardon me??? Treating one cancer by increasing the risk for another one??? Someone must be kidding here and it’s a very ugly joke.

Same for radiation therapy.

So what’s the solution? To invest more money in research? The above mentioned Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden) held a nice event in Stockholm in October where people bought ten thousand candles or so and contributed to the funding. This organization alone has a target to spend more then 400 million SEK each year on research. That’s a nice sum of money ($57M approx. and it’s only in one country), one can imagine to do great things with it. I wonder though why does cancer research need so much money to find out for example that tobacco or alcohol is not good for your health and there are certain vitamins that are vital for the normal operation of cells, when this has been already known for a good while.

I am more inclined to listen to what the so-called alternative methods recommend, because I believe that by well-balanced nutrition with supplements if needed and a general good care of the body physically and mentally, one does not need to be afraid of even such a threatening disease as cancer. Therefore I intentionally didn’t referred here to alternative practices, natural remedies, viewpoints or products, only mentioned information provided by the standard medicine, which is adopted and promoted by governments of the developed countries.

Well, I am inviting you, dear reader, to look at the facts and the controversies they are giving and make up your own mind about it.