7 Ways You Can Help Support Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer affects millions of women and thousands of men each year. Research is being done to figure out how to beat this disease and save lives and avoid the high costs and pain associated with breast cancer. Here are seven ways you can help support this research.

1. Donate
The Susan G. Komen Foundation is the United States’ largest organization dedicated to supporting breast cancer research. You can donate money to this organization or to any other organization or hospital that has a fund created for this purpose.

2. Purchase products that contribute.
Many companies sell products that are designed to help raise money for this important cause and a portion of the profits and proceeds are donated. You can help by supporting these companies and purchasing their products.

3. Run in the Race for the Cure.
Each year the Susan G. Komen foundation sponsors a race for the cure in all major U.S. cities. Participate in the race and help spread the word as well as contribute financially.

4. Volunteer
You can support organizations that help support breast cancer research by volunteering your time. Many of these organizations rely on volunteers in order to be able to function. You can also volunteer to help support groups as well, who could also use a lending hand.

5. Help spread awareness
Wear t-shirts, talk with your friends, family and acquaintances and do other activities to help make people aware of the need to support breast cancer research. Many people may not be aware of how important it is and of the need to support it. You can do your part to help make them aware.

6. Create products and donate some of your profits.
If you have your own business or are crafty then you can make your own products and donate some of your profits to either the Susan G. Komen foundation or other similar charity.

7. Participate in research studies and surveys
If you have had breast cancer and survived or if it runs in your family history, there are research groups that are looking for people to participate in studies to help them better understand the disease. Volunteer yourself as a participant.